Wireless ChassisEAR Transmitter #2

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  • REPLACEMENT UNIT - Replacement for the channel #2 wireless transmitter for the 61082 Wireless ChassisEAR
  • DETECT SQUEAKS AND RATTLES - Wireless ChassisEAR detects squeaks and rattles throughout vehicle
  • 50-FOOT RANGE - Signal can be sent up to 50-feet to the receiver, allowing use on small and large vehicles
  • INDICATOR LED - LED Indicator light to show when unit is actively transmitting
  • MULTIPLE ATTACHMENT METHODS - Comes with 2 attachment options, a spring-clip and two integrated magnets
  • BATTERY OPERATED - Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with 61082 ChassisEAR but not with 60635 and 97202 model receivers
The STEELMAN 61082-02 is a replacement channel #2 transmitter for the 61082 Wireless ChassisEAR. Specifically designed for use pinpointing squeaks, rattles, and any other troublesome and errant noises in a variety of locations across a vehicle's engine, axles, and chassis which makes it ideal for diagnosing faulty fuel injectors, bearings, gears, suspensions, transmissions, differentials and CV joints, and other under-the-hood problems. Working as a high powered wireless stethoscope for your car or truck this wireless transmitter can be placed in any location throughout the vehicle using its built-in spring clip or magnets. It then transmits to the receiver allowing you to listen to the vehicle during standard operation to hear noises that are difficult or just impossible to duplicate in a repair stall. Specifically assigned to operate on channel #2 of the ChassisEAR system, it can be selected or muted individually or together with other transmitters to make pinpointing the location and cause of a noise easy. With a 50-foot range from transmitter to receiver, the ChassisEAR is useable on all makes and models of cars and light trucks, as well as a variety of larger vehicles. Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). *Since it operates on different frequencies, this transmitter is only compatible with the 61082 series receiver and not with older 60635 and 97202 versions.*