Replacement Fast Charger for STEELMAN 20V 4Ah Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack

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  • REPLACEMENT OR BACKUP - Replaces a damaged battery charger or give yourself a second charging station
  • INDICATOR LIGHTS - Red and green indicator LEDs quickly let you know if a battery charged and ready
  • QUICK CHARGING - Quickly charges 20V 4Ah Li-ion batteries in 90-minutes or less
  • COMPATIBLE TOOLS - Compatible with STEELMAN 60863, 60864, 60867 and 60956 cordless tools
  • CHARGER ONLY - Listing is for battery charger only, for the battery see STEELMAN 60865
Replace a broken or damaged battery charger or provide yourself with a second charging station with the STEELMAN 60866 Replacement Fast Charger for 20V 4Ah Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Packs. This compact battery charger is designed to rapidly recharge cordless power tool batteries (sold separately) in 90-minutes or less so you can get back to work faster. Built-in red and green LED indicators show whether the attached battery is charging or fully charged. Compatible with STEELMAN cordless power tool part numbers 60863, 60864, 60867, and 60956.