Replacement Pressure Pump and Hose Assembly for STEELMAN Cooling System Test and Purge Kit

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  • REPLACEMENT UNIT - Pump replaces damaged vacuum pump used in the STEELMAN 60025 Cooling System Test Kit
  • DUAL SCALE GAUGE - Large, dual scale dial gauge shows both cmHg and bar ranges and has a protective rubber boot
  • TEST RANGE - Pump is able to provide test vacuum pressures ranging from 0 to minus 76 cmHg (0 to minus 1 bar )
  • HANG HOOK - Convenient hang chain and hook let pump be suspended under a vehicle hood
  • PURGE THEN FILL - Valved design to evacuate air from lines then fill with coolant removing the need to later bleed the system
Replace a lost or damaged pressure pump assembly with the STEELMAN 60401 Replacement Pressure Pump and Hose Assembly. This compressed air powered vacuum pump can provide negative pressures ranging from 0 to minus 76 cmHg (0 to minus 1 bar). Easily hung from the underside of a vehicle hood this convenient tool features a large and easy to read color coded dial gauge both cmHg bar scales clearly marked. A protective rubber boot around the gauge assembly prevents damage from accidental bumps and knocks during use and storage. Easy to operate design utilizes a multi-step process to first evacuate air from radiator lines and, once a vacuum has been established, introduce new coolant into the system. This process allows for faster refilling since it negates the need to later perform tedious system bleeds to remove trapped air bubbles that can interfere with regular operation. Compatible with pressure pumps used in the STEELMAN 97332 and 60025 Cooling System Test Kits.