Security Seal for Automobiles and Motorcycles

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  • PROTECTION - identify fasteners where the seal has broken due to tampering or too tight torquing
  • HIGH VISIBILITY - Bright blue color stands out in contrast to metal and plastic components for easy identification
  • EASY APPLICATION - Extended plastic tip allows for easy and precise application
  • EXCELLENT ADHESION - Sticks to most metal and plastic surfaces, even when they aren't perfectly clean
  • DRIES QUICKLY - Will not fade or wash away but removes easily to indicate tampering or for servicing
  • DRIES QUICKLY - Premixed formula is ready to go straight from the tube and dries quickly while being thick enough to stay where you put it

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STEELMAN Security Seal is the ideal way to protect yourself from both intentionally tampered fasteners and ones that have worked themselves loose due to vibration and normal operation. Mark a properly torqued fastener by creating either a seal along the base or a line that runs across the fastener head and onto the surrounding surface. If the fastener loosens, you will be able to tell with a quick glance that the seal is broken. The premixed formula is ready to go straight from the tube and dries quickly. Even when vehicle components are not spotlessly clean, the seal will have no problem sticking to both metal and plastic surfaces. To ensure that broken seals are easy to spot, the bright blue color stands out and will not fade in the sun or wash off in the rain. This pack includes ten 1-ounce tubes with extended plastic tips that allow for easy and precise application. STEELMAN is an industry leader in automotive and industrial specialty tools and equipment. We manufacture high-quality, innovative products designed to meet the specific needs of mechanics, contractors, and other working professionals. Our selection of tools includes specialized automotive items like diagnostic devices, inspection lights, maintenance tools, and tire repair supplies, as well as traditional hand tools like torque wrenches and screwdrivers. So whether you are a pro mechanic or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, STEELMAN has the tools you need to get the job done.