Sensor Clamp for Wireless ChassisEAR 2

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  • REPLACE OR EXPAND- Replacement or expansion sensor clamp for the 60605 Wireless ChassisEAR 2 -
  • MODULE READY - Spring loaded, magnetically inert clamp comes complete with transmitter module socket
  • NOTCHED JAW - Jaw tip is notched for better grip when clamped straight onto bolts and rods
  • PIEZOELECTRIC MIC - Clamp has a piezoelectric mic that pics up vibrations and noises for diagnosis
  • STRAP CATCHES - Inside of handle has notched cutouts to better secure clamp with a strap or zip tie
The STEELMAN PRO 60902 is a replacement or expansion sensor clamp for the 60605 Wireless ChassisEAR 2. This specially designed clamp incorporates a piezoelectric microphone that picks up vibrations and noises which can then be transmitted to a device via an attached wireless transmitter module (sold separately). The strong clamping jaws have a center notch on the tip for easier attachment to rounded pipes and bolts. A series of serration-like cutouts along the inside of the handles provide additional grip for the use of zip ties or hook and loop straps to secure the clamp in place in high risk areas where it might experience excessive vibrations and come free during testing. Unit comes complete with a wireless transmitter module socket. Compatible with the STEELMAN PRO 60605 Wireless ChassisEAR 2 system.