Stainless Steel 1200-Bristle Count Wire Brush with Wood Handle, 10-Pack

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  • 10-PACK - Pack of 10 heavy-duty cleaning brushes ideal for mechanics, painters, and DIYers
  • DEEP CLEANING - Tough wire brush removes rust, paint, and debris from aluminum, steel, and other metals
  • STAINLESS BRISTLES - Stainless steel bristles will not rust or discolor surfaces
  • WOOD HANDLE - Curved wooden handle with narrow design to reach tight spaces
  • 20 BUNDLES - Each brush has 20 bundles of bristles with 60 per bundle for a total of 1200 bristles
The Steelman 42563 Stainless Steel Wire Brush with Wood Handle 10-Pack is an essential tool in any automotive or metal fabrication shop. Each of these brushes can be used for a wide range of applications, including weld cleaning, deburring, rust and oxide removal, paint removal, and surface preparation and finishing. The flexible stainless steel bristles easily remove contaminants from base materials without spreading rust or otherwise discoloring surfaces. The 8-inch long wooden handle is curved for better clearance and is ideal for industrial settings as well as at-home garage or workshop use.