Stick-On Wheel Weight Remover

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  • MULTI-USE - Great for removing stick-on weights, decals, gaskets, and more
  • NON-MARKING - Removes without damaging metal, paint, or glass
  • DURABLE - Made of high impact plastic it can handle the toughest removal jobs
  • SECURE GRIP - Handle is knobbed and features a protective ring to keep hands from sliding down during use
  • EASY TO SHARPEN - Tip can be filed or ground to renew edge if it becomes damaged
Thanks to the STEELMAN 75023 Stick-On Wheel Weight Remover balancing and rebalancing tires using adhesive wheel weights just got easier whether your wheels are factory, reproduction, or after market. Made of high impact plastic this tool can handle the toughest removal jobs, even ones where it's necessary to bring in a hammer to loosen the clingiest weights, and all the while staying gentle on aluminum and alloy wheels leaving no marks unlike metal scrapers and blades. Its plastic construction also means that it is a simple matter to repair a damaged edge by grinding or filing the end down for a new scraping tip when the current one gets dull and can no longer perform. In addition to its role removing wheel weights its chisel shaped design and plastic construction lets it double as a side molding, decal, emblem, and gasket remover without damage to metal, paint, or glass.