Straight Jaw 6-1/4-Inch Long Stainless Steel Locking Hemostat Forceps

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  • MULTIPLE USES - Ideal for use as a pinch-off tool on hoses, holding small parts while soldering, or for tying flies / fishing lures
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Gripper is made from easy to clean and rust resistant stainless steel
  • 6-INCH REACH - Hemotstat measures 6-1/4-inches, ideal for close up and precision work
  • SERRATED GRIP - Straight tip has serrated teeth to provide a secure grip on held items
  • CUSHIONED GRIP - A high-viz, orange plastisol dipped handle provides a comfortable grip
Take on minute tasks with almost surgical precision with the STEELMAN 05550 Straight Jaw 6-1/4-Inch Long Stainless Steel Locking Hemostat Forceps. These professional grade stainless steel grippers are perfectly sized for a wide variety of uses in automotive repairs and maintenance, hobbies, holding soldering projects, and other tasks that require a delicate yet firm grip beyond that of traditional tweezers. This 6-1/4-inch long hemostat style clamp gives you both close up control and recessed accessibility ideal for pulling wires, retrieving small objects and items in places too small for fingers to reach, or for tasks dealing with tiny components like tying fishing lures and flies. Handles are dipped in high-viz orange plastisol for added comfort during long use and easy visibility.