4.75-inch Straight Sharp Tip Utility Tweezer

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  • PALM-SIZED - 4.75-inch length tweezers provide up-close control during use
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Each pair is constructed of durable stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion
  • MULTI-FUNCTION USE - Sharp tip is ideal for a variety of uses including jewelry / model making, splinter removal, and more
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Smooth, brushed steel finish is easy to clean and sterilize between uses
  • SMOOTH TIP - Tip interior is smooth to gently hold small and delicate items without causing damage
Reach in and get a grip with a pair of STEELMAN 05612 4.75-Inch Straight Sharp Tip Utility Tweezers. Constructed of durable stainless steel this palm-sized pair of utility tweezers features a narrowed tip to help you with a wide variety of precision tasks. The brushed finish on the handle is easy to clean and comfortable to grip during use and the tip's interior is smooth to gently hold on objects without causing damage. So whether you're working on a model railroad / ship, doing lab work, or pulling splinters and ingrown hairs, this pair will give you the grip you need and the precision you want.