Wi-Fi Video Scope Accessory Kit

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  • COMPATIBLE VIDEO SCOPE - 3-pack of tip accessories with storage pouch for the 5.5mm diameter head used by the STEELMAN PRO Wi-Fi Video Scope part number 78823
  • THREADED TOOLS - Threaded tip bodies securely screw onto camera head preventing accidental loss in a critical area
  • HOOK TIP - Hook tip is ideal for moving wires, retrieving small items, and removing obstructions
  • MAGNETIC TIP - Magnet tip is great for retrieving dropped screws, buts, and bolts as well as for general use holding metallic parts in place
  • MIRROR TIP - Mirror tip allows 270-degree views for inspections around corners and beyond the camera's regular field of view
  • STORAGE POUCH - Set comes with a convenient zipper-secured neoprene storage pouch
Pack of 3 handy accessories for the STEELMAN PRO 78823 Wi-Fi Video Scope bring added versatility and convenience to your inspection endoscope. Threaded bodies on the tips screw securely onto the 5.5mm tip of the camera to prevent them coming off and getting lost in critical areas and come with a convenient zippered neoprene storage case for organized storage between uses. Tip styles include a mirror tip that allows 270-degree views allowing inspections at angles unobtainable by the base camera lens, a magnet tip for retrieving dropped metal objects, and a hook tip that is ideal for snagging small objects as well as for moving wires and obstructions.