3-Foot x 5.5mm Replacement Video Scope Camera Probe

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  • ULTRA COMPACT - Ultra compact camera head has an outer diameter of only 5.5mm
  • HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA - High definition camera can capture 480P photos and video
  • 3-FOOT CABLE - Camera is mounted to a semi-rigid, 3-foot cable
  • INTEGRATED LEDS - 6 adjustable brightness LEDs will illuminate the camera subject without over-exposing the image
  • IP67 INGRESS RATED - IP67 rated for protection against dust and up to 3 feet of water immersion
  • COMPATIBLE VIDEO SCOPE - Replacement for camera probe for STEELMAN PRO 78823 WIFI Video Scope
The STEELMAN PRO 78825 3-Foot x 5.5mm Replacement Camera Probe gets you into confined spaces with high resolution 480p video when used in conjunction with the STEELMAN PRO 78823 Wi-Fi Video Inspection Scope and a compatible iOS, Android, or Windows phone. With a 5.5mm outer diameter camera atop a 3-foot semi-rigid cable you can easily get into tight and narrow spaces like diesel injectors on an engine, plumbing pipes and drains, inside walls, and through air ducts and vents. The flexible nature of the cable allows it to bend around corners and navigate curves during inspections and the 6 tip-mounted and dimmable LED lights will illuminate the darkest areas your scope can access to allow for clear photos and video recordings. The tip mounted camera is waterproof enough to have earned an ingress rating of IP67, this means that even underwater inspections, immersing the probe up to its entire 3 foot length are possible without fear of damage.