Terminal Protectors for Side Post Batteries, 100-Pack

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  • PREVENT BUILDUP - Create a barrier between batteries and terminal cables that prevents corrosive buildup
  • EXTEND SERVICE LIFE - Prevents the corrosion that is a leading cause of hard starting and premature battery failure
  • PROVIDE INCREASED POWER - Clean terminals allow an unobstructed flow of electricity, allowing your battery to provide peak cranking power longer
  • TREATED FELT - Made of polyester felt that is chemically treated to further inhibit rust and corrosion
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Installs easily, fitting over terminal posts between the battery and battery cables
Extend the service life of your vehicle with STEELMAN 96994 Terminal Protectors. Each tub contains 100 4mm thick, 35mm diameter polyester felt pads designed to fit around the terminals on side post automotive and marine batteries to protect them against the corrosive buildup that can form around the posts. These washer-like pads are chemically treated to actively inhibit rust and corrosion and will not dry out or evaporate. Easy to install they fit snugly between the battery and the base of the cables creating a lasting barrier that lets your battery provide unobstructed electricity to your vehicle. By preventing corrosive buildup your battery's service life will be extended since it doesn't have to work as hard to overcome added resistance when supplying power to your vehicle which is a common cause of premature battery failure and hard starting.