Tire Knife Skiving Tool

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  • IDEAL FOR TRIMMING - Ideal for trimming tire flashing and plugs during repairs
  • SCREWDRIVER STYLE HANDLE - Large, screwdriver style handle allows for a better grip during use
  • FLEXIBLE BLADE - Flexible skiving blade makes it easier to cut flush with the tire tread surface
  • ROUNDED TIP - Rounded tip won't dig into tires when cutting
  • FOR RMA REPAIRS - Use as part of Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) Approved tire repairs
The STEELMAN 06008 Tire Skiving Knife was specially designed to help remove the excess material remaining after performing RMA tire repairs with a plug or patch/plug combo. The large, screwdriver-type handle provides a secure grip, even when wearing gloves. The rounded tip won't dig into tires when cutting and cause further damage to a newly repaired tire and the flexible blade allows just enough give to let it bend and cut flush with the tire tread's surface.