5-50 PSI Tire Pressure Pencil Air Gauge

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  • SAVE MONEY - Properly inflated tires help prolong their life and save you money at the pump with better fuel mileage
  • PRESSURE RANGE - Accurately and quickly reads tire pressures from 5 to 50 PSI
  • ACCURATE READINGS - Meets ANSI B40.1 (ASME B40.100) and CARB Regulation criteria for accuracy at +/-1 PSI
  • EASY TO READ - Bright white plastic reader bar with high contrast black lettering is easy to read
  • DEFLATOR KNOB - Easily lower pressure in accidentally overinflated tires with the back-mounted deflator knob
The STEELMAN 97813 5-50 PSI Pencil Air Gauge will help you get the most out of not just your tires but your car or truck too. When properly inflated your tires can last longer and even save you money at the pump by helping your car get better fuel mileage. This handy, pocket-sized gauge has sturdy yet lightweight brass internals that are zinc plated to prevent corrosion and has a deflator knob on the back to easily lower tire pressure if you accidentally overinflate them. The bright white plastic reader bar has high contrast black lettering to make it easy to read. Able to quickly and accurately read tire pressures from 5 to 50 PSI these tools meet ANSI B40.1 (ASME B40.100) and CARB regulation criteria for accuracy at +/-1 PSI.