6-Piece Tire and Wheel Service Tool Set with Pouch, Black

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Unleash the power of convenience with the Steelman Tire and Wheel Service Tool Pouch with Tools. This set is designed to give you a collection of commonly used gauges and accessories for Tire and Wheel service, all housed in a durable black polyester pouch. The set includes a white tire marking crayon for effective and visible marking, a tread depth gauge for precise measurement of tire tread depth, and a valve stem remover for easy removal and installation of tire valves. Also included is a brake pad thickness gauge, allowing for quick and accurate measurement of remaining brake pad material, and a tire pressure gauge to ensure optimal tire pressure for safety and performance. The tool pouch, made from sturdy polyester material, offers organized storage and easy transport, making this tool set a versatile companion for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Each tool is crafted to meet the high-quality standards professionals require, ensuring durability and precision in every use. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, the Steelman Tire and Wheel Service Tool Pouch with Tools is a trusted choice for automotive service needs.
  • ESSENTIAL TOOL SET - A valuable collection of commonly used gauges and accessories for tire & wheel service professionals
  • DURABLE POLYESTER POUCH - The robust material guarantees long-lasting use and protects your tools from damage
  • INTEGRATED TOOL SET - With a white tire marking crayon, tread depth gauge, valve stem remover, brake pad thickness gauge, and tire pressure gauge included, you're equipped to handle any tire or wheel service task
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY TOOLS - Designed with durability and precision in mind, these tools meet the high standards required by professionals in the automotive industry
  • 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - Provides protection and assurance, underlining our confidence in the product's quality and durability

    Color: Black
    Material: Polyester; Steel; Plastic; Wax
    Overall Dimensions: 6.50 in. L x 5.00 in. W x 1.13 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.40
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China