13-Piece TPMS Master Tool set

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  • Fast and accurate TPMS sensor service removal and installation kit -
  • Eliminates torque setting errors -
  • High torque (blue) or low torque (red) equals time savings in service bays -
  • Can be used for multiple applications -
  • Kit includes: 7mm socket, 11mm socket, 12mm socket, three-piece bit set, tommy bar, sensor fishing tool, grommet removal tool, HUF/Beru valve tool, 4 inch-pound torque core remover, 12 inch-pound torque bit driver, 35 inch-pound torque bit driver, 40 inch-pound torque driver, and 65 inch-pound torque driver -
It's critical to use the most accurate tools designed to properly torque, de-mount, and/or install a new service kit or tire pressure sensor on a vehicle. With the 13 Piece Master TPMS Tool Kit, you have just that. This kit includes professional-grade torque tools that ensure you won't break or cause damage to a sensor or valve stem. It includes two torque drivers ranging from 40 to 60 inch-pounds, for low and high torque. The tommy bar can be used with these torque drivers to provide better leverage. The kit also comes with two chrome vanadium deep-well sockets (11mm and 12mm) for installation and removal of TPMS sensors. The 4 inch-pound torque core tool ensures proper installation and removal of the valve core. The grommet tool is ergonomically designed to remove and install rubber grommets with ease. The 12 inch-pound and 35 inch-pound torque screwdrivers assist with properly attaching the TPMS sensor to the valve stem. There are two T-10 bits, two T-20 bits, and one T-15 bits that are used with the torque screwdrivers. The valve holding tool allows you to hold a TPMS valve in place on HUF/Beru models during installation or removal. The three-way fishing tool is primarily used to hold the sensor in a secure position when dismounting the tire so the sensor doesn't get damaged. It also aids in tire deflation and valve core removal. All of these tools and parts come stored in a heavy-duty blow-molded case, which is perfect for organization and travel.