TPMS Green Plastic Cap with Seal, 100-pack

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  • GREEN COLOR - Bright green plastic construction for easy identification of nitrogen filled tires
  • RIDGED - Durable molded plastic caps have outer ridges for easier installation and removal
  • PRESSURE SEAL - Caps feature an inner seal for an added layer of protection against pressure loss
  • CORROSION BLOCKING - Seal also keeps out moisture that can corrode valves and other components
  • UNIVERSAL USE - Useable on TPMS equipped and regular stem valves on cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and more
  • BULK PACK - Sold in a bulk pack of 100 replacement valve stem caps
Protect TPMS equipped valve cores and give tires an additional layer of defense against leaking stem valves at the same time with these green plastic valve stem caps. Molded entirely of bright green plastic, these caps are ideal for use on nitrogen filled tires. These replacement caps are constructed of ridged plastic for easy installation and removal and unlike standard valve caps, each comes with an internal seal. These seals block out moisture that can corrode brass valves and other TPMS components to help extend their life while also creating an air-tight seal on the end of the valve stem to further prevent air loss. Perfect for use on all kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, bicycles, wheelbarrows and handcarts, as well as pneumatic tire equipped hand trucks that have nitrogen filled tires. Sold in a bulk pack of 100 caps.