Tungsten Carbide Buffing and Abrasion Wheel

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When performing tire repairs, rubber molding, or similar projects where you need to remove material quickly and accurately use the STEELMAN SLP9305 Carbide Buffing Wheel. The long lasting tungsten carbide surface will easily stand up to repeated use removing rubber material during tire repairs and other projects. The contoured design of the wheel provides a rounded abrasive surface to help get into areas a flat wheel cannot reach. The wheel itself measures 2.6-inches in diameter, making it small enough to fit into tight spaces inaccessible with bigger wheels. This buffing wheel is rated to handle a maximum of 25,000 RPM though the recommended speed is a much slower 5,000 RPM when performing tire repairs so that thermal damage isn't caused to the tire and always wear appropriate eye protection when operating at any speed. The center arbor hole allows the wheel to be easily fitted to the STEELMAN SLP9201 3/8-Inch Quick Change Arbor Adapter for use with the SLP6510 Tire buffer (both sold separately). Save time and effort with STEELMAN.
  • LONG LASTING - Long lasting tungsten carbide material will easily stand up to repeated use
  • COUNTOURED DESIGN - Contoured, donut-like shape allow easy material removal at multiple angles
  • RAPIDLY REMOVE MATERIAL - Carbide surface aggressively bites into material to remove it faster saving time and effort
  • COMPACT SIZE - 2.6-inch diameter buffing wheel is small enough to fit into tight spaces
  • MAXIMUM USE SPEED - Rated to perform at a maximum of 25,000 RPM (5,000 RPM recommended limit for tire use)
  • EASY TO MOUNT - Center arbor hole allows quick mounting to drills, tire buffers, and angle grinders
  • COMPATIBLE TOOLS - Designed for use with the STEELMAN SLP9201 3/8-Inch Quick Change Arbor and SLP6510 Tire Buffer (sold separately)

    Color: Copper
    Material: Tungsten Carbide
    Overall Dimensions: 2.57 in. L x 2.57 in. W x 0.60 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.08
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: Taiwan