Universal Cone-Shape Adapter for Radiator Filler Necks

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  • ADD OR REPLACE - Professional grade accessory to replace a damaged adapter or to expand an existing cooling system test kit
  • DURABLE RUBBER - Durable adapter made of molded rubber to create a secure seal on fill neck openings
  • QUICK CONNECT - Quick connect adapter on the cap for easy connection to vacuum purge pumps
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Cone-shaped design is universal and works with most makes and models of import and domestic vehicles
  • COMPATIBILITY - Designed for use with the STEELMAN 97332 and 60025 Cooling System Test Kits
Replace a lost or damaged vacuum system cone adapter or add a new one to your existing kit with the STEELMAN 60426 Universal Cone-Shaped Vacuum Adapter. This radiator fill neck adapter is made from durable rubber that is just flexible enough to create a secure seal around the opening of filler necks. The top of the adapter has a quick-connect fitting to allow for easy attachment to hand held pressure pumps as well as pneumatically powered vacuum pumps. Compatible with the pressure and vacuum pumps used in the STEELMAN 60025 Master Cooling System Test and Purge Kit.