Universal Telescoping Hood Prop and Safety Support Rod

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  • ADDITIONAL SAFETY - Adds additional security when holding open vehicle hoods while servicing engine compartments
  • TELESCOPING DESIGN - Telescoping design extends from a compact friendly 26.25-inches to a big rig capable of 61.25-inches
  • LOCKING PINS - Locking spring pin system prevents accidental retraction that could result in injury
  • UNIVERSAL USE - Works hoods, trunk lids, and doors on all makes and models of vehicles from small cars to large trucks
  • RUBBER END CAPS - Rubberized end caps protect soft materials like plastic liners and painted finishes
Hold open vehicle hoods to their widest or add an extra layer of support to a questionable support rod with the STEELMAN 301111-KH Universal Telescoping Hood Prop and Safety Support Rod. This handy accessory features an extendable design that goes from a compact car-friendly 26.25-inches to a big-rig capable 61.25-inches quickly and easily to give you the reliable support you need when working under the hood. The rod can be locked into multiple lengths to suit a variety of vehicles with intermediate pin locks at 43.75-inches and 53.35-inches in addition to its fully collapsed and deployed lengths for a total of 4 separate sizes. The spring pin locking system used prevents accidental retraction in the event the prop is knocked into or bumped and the rubber end caps provide both a secure grip that resists slipping and a soft touch that won't gouge plastic interior liners or scratch painted finishes. This support rod is just as useful in the back of a vehicle as to the front when you need to hold trunk lids and hatchbacks open wide when doing rear-end work and maintenance.