Universal Wire Stripper / Cutter / Crimper Multi-Purpose Tool

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE WIRING TOOL- All purpose electrical wiring tool features pliers-type nose, crimper, wire stripper, screw shearer, and a looping hole -
  • SCREW SHEARER - Built-in screw shearer cuts cleanly without leaving burrs on size 5-40, 10-24, 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, and 10-32 threaded screws
  • DURABLE HARDENED STEEL - Made from durable hardened steel with a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish
  • WIRE-STRIPPER SIZES - Capable of stripping insulation from 22 to 10 AWG (0.65 to 2.6mm) stranded and solid wire
  • CRIMPER - Crimper works on insulated and non-insulated terminals on 22 to 10 AWG (0.65 to 2.6mm) wires including 7-8mm automotive terminals
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Ergonomic handle has a PVC dipped and textured grip for maximum comfort as well as ridges for increased traction when pulling wires
  • CONVENIENTLY SIZED - Convenient 8-inch size is small enough to fit in any tool pouch or pocket yet big enough to get the job done
Whether you're stripping wire to install outlets and lights or just need to replace some damaged automotive wiring the STEELMAN 41874 Universal Wire Stripper / Cutter / Crimper is the tool that can help you get the job done. Made from durable steel with comfortable PVC dipped and textured handles it cuts, crimps, and strips equally well on both solid and stranded copper electrical wires. Handle ridges provide additional This conveniently sized, 8-inch wire stripper can remove insulation from 22 to 10 AWG (0.65 to 2.6mm) electrical wires and the crimper can handle 22 to 10 AWG insulated and non-insulated wire. The built-in screw shearer is capable of leaving clean, burr-free cuts on screws sized 5-40, 10-24, 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, and 10-32. The pliers style nose gives you the grip you need to pull, twist, bend, pinch, and hold wires and the looping hole allows you to quickly bend hooks into wires for attaching to terminals. You don't need to be a lineman or electrician to have access to quality hand tools, look no further than STEELMAN.