Wi-Fi Video Scope with 5.5mm OD Inspection Camera

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  • SELF-GENERATED WI-FI - Videoscope generates and broadcasts on its own Wi-Fi signal that can be viewed on or recorded to your smart device
  • INSPECT TIGHT PLACES - With an 5.5mm diameter camera and 1m (3.3-foot) semi-rigid cable you can access all but the narrowest of spots to find leaks, squeaks, and lost objects
  • DUST AND WATER-RESISTANT - With an IP67 ingress rating this inspection probe keeps out dust and can withstand liquid immersion of up to 3 feet in depth
  • SECURE APP DOWNLOAD - iPhone/iPad and Android control apps can be downloaded securely from the iTunes or Google Play stores
  • 6 DIMMABLE LEDS - Light for the camera is provided by 6 LEDs whose output can be adjusted the handle mounted dimmer wheel
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES - A neoprene carrying and storage pouch is included along with a spring-loaded smart device holder
  • BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED - 4 AA batteries (not included) can power the videoscope for 2-3 hours of continuous depending on LED usage before needing replacement

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The STEELMAN PRO 78823 SVS-1021 Wi-Fi Videoscope is a portable, hand-held, multifunctional inspection camera featuring an ultra-compact 5.5mm diameter borescope style camera and a high-quality digital sensor that provides crystal clear video output. The camera connects to most Apple and Android smart devices via a free downloadable app available on the iTunes and Google Play stores allowing you to view on any compatible device's screen. Using the app, video, still images, and sound can be recorded, saved, and shared. The self-generated wi-fi signal can be simultaneously viewed by up to 5 devices. A spring-loaded smart device holder adjusts to hold most smart phones and can be removed when not needed. The 1m (3.3-foot) cable is semi-rigid, able to bend and angle around corners and turns to inspect hard to reach spaces and the 6 tip-mounted LEDs can be dimmed or brightened as needed with the handle mounted dimmer wheel. Mounted on the handle below the probe shaft is a CREE LED flashlight to help further illuminate darkened inspection areas. With an IP67 ingress rating this inspection probe keeps out dust and can withstand submersion in water of up to 3 feet deep. A zippered neoprene storage pouch and 4 AA batteries which can power the videoscope for 2-3 hours of continuous use depending on LED usage before needing replacement. This videoscope is ideal for plumbers, mechanics, electricians, home inspectors, and any other professions or individuals that require being able to see into tight spaces.